General questions

When you log in with your Facebook ID and password, we will ask you to share your Facebook friends list also known as your social graph. If both you and your friends individually share your social graph, then Facebook will inform us that you know each other. Facebook does not give us a list of your friends; they just tell us if there is a connection. We can not contact your friends even if we wanted to.You don’t have to provide your social graph to use this service, but sharing your social graph will improve your search results and those of your friends.

You can log on to, go to the my accounts page, and view all of your information in our encrypted database. Because your health information and privacy is our biggest concerns, we asked for additional identity verification questions every time before viewing your health data.

If your health information is inaccurate, you can request to edit or delete that information. We may contact your healthcare provider to clarify any inaccuracies before we change anything. You may delete your information at any time.

You may also remove your name and data in its entirety from our database by contacting us at Review from Friends at 108 Clinton St, Ste # 200, Nashville TN 37201 or emailing us at You understand that removing your data does not cancel actions or disclosures that you made to individuals while your information was in this database.

We will never sell or share your healthcare information to anyone. We never market to anyone in our database.

When people search the Reviews from Friends website, they may be shown advertisements on behalf of third parties. Also, premium businesses who financially support Reviews from Friends can have their products promoted over other freemium businesses who do not financially support Reviews from Friends.

When an individual requests advice from a former patient, we will notify the former patient of the invitation. If they accept, we will set up a private chat window or text message on our platform. Your contact information will be hidden so no one will know your name or be able to contact you except through the platform. The chat window is private and continues until either side elects to stop the conversation or when there is no activity for 48 hours.

If both parties want to take their conversation off the platform, then they can exchange phone numbers and call each other.

An uninvolved Reviews from Friends employee may review some conversations to verify the conversations do not violate our terms of condition. If a user violates the terms, they could lose their access.

After the conversation is over, an anonymous version of the conversation may be presented to the two individuals. If both individuals feel that the anonymous conversation could help other patients and are willing to make their anonymous conversation public, then we will publish the anonymous conversation on our website.

Reviews from Friends (RFF) takes an individual’s privacy very seriously. We also realize that there is a potential benefit to all of us if we can provide a responsible way to shared our stories and offer transparency. The balance between privacy and transparency can only be meet by giving the individual control of how their information is used. All disclosures are made by the individual themselves, so they know who the information is going to and what purpose it serves.

All of our incoming data is received through encrypted channels. The information resides in an encrypted hipaa compliant database

Reviews from Friends (RFF) has to ensure that this platform is only used for legitimate purposes. We may send both parties a questionnaire after the conversation ends to ensure that the other user had a legitimate purpose in using the platform. If one of the users flags the other user as having questionable intentions, then the questionable user may be investigated. If a nefarious purpose is verified, then that user may have their privileges to use the platform revoked. An example of a nefarious purpose would be a law firm trying to contact patients that may have had a recalled implant.

Reviews from Friends will allow users to block certain other users from seeing their information. For instance, if a user wants to hide their information from their employer or a jealous ex-lover, then they can block that person. The blocked person will not be notified of the block. Since the reviewer is shown the name of person requesting the review before any information is shared and can decline the request for a review, it is unlikely that two users would ever be asked to communicate with someone that they did not want to talk to.